"He's just a terrible person!"

Students say local Theatre Teacher is a terrible person.

"We've won tons of awards under his direction though."

Local Theatre teacher, Mr.Havisham, is new to the nearby highschool. It's his first year here, and the students already hate him.

The Theatre students, unacquainted with hard work, are simply baffled by his directional requests.

"He made me rehearse my scene for Taming of the Shrew five times. I don't know all my lines and haven't studied any of my blocking and our play opens in two weeks but I just don't get why I have to keep rehearsing the same scene!" Says John W, a senior playing lead male character Petruchio in the school's production of Taming of the Shrew.

"Yeah, he's helped us win awards for the first time in years, but..."

The awards just aren't enough.

Despite Mr.Havisham's profound directing skills and having driven the department to winning several awards for the first time in years, (Including an award for best direction), his demand of hard work and dedication from the Theatre students is just too much and outweighs all the improvements he has made to the Theatre department.

Blythe Whatley, advocate for mistreated educators.