Roommates, man

5 Tips for getting along with your roommate

#1. Be open to change

Roommates will be a big part of your college life, so if you are not ready for change, you're probably better off living alone. Cold, sad, hungry, and alone.

#2. Lock your door and windows

It may not seem like a big deal, but locking your door and windows is crucial to keeping you and your roommates items safe and protected.
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#3. Decide together what your cleanliness comfort level is

If you are one to have all your clothes washed, and your floor clutter less, but your roommate has no care and leaves a glass of 3 day old milk on the counter, you should probably mention it to them that it's not cool.
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#4. Respect your roommate's stuff

This rule should go without saying. If you were the collector of tons of Pokemon cards, would you want someone's grubby hands all over them? Just respect the boundaries you and your roommate set.
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#5. If you feel strongly about something, be upfront about it

If you do not like something about your roommate, mention it as soon as possible and work out a solution. Letting it go on will result in resentment and you'll end up placing a curse on their sweet, little Yorkie back home.
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