Mrs. Davis' First Grade News

November 10th - November 14th

Reading/ Language Arts

    • Reading Comprehension- Main Idea "Big Idea" (continued)
    • Reading Groups
    • Phonics -ee / -ea (review)
    • Phonics -oo
    • Word Family: -ix -eg

Fry Sight Words:



did down


Fairy Tales


Writing a Personal Narrative


  • Subtraction
  • Story Problems
  • Addition/Subtraction Fact Families


Forms of Energy - CONTINUED (week 3 of 3)

Work on Communication Instrument at home.

Student Expectation

The student is expected to identify and discuss how different forms of energy such as light, heat, and sound are important to everyday life

Key Concepts

  • Different forms of energy give us the power and ability we need to do different things.

  • There are different forms of energy including light, heat, and sound.

  • Humans use light, heat, and sound energy in everyday life.

  • There are many common everyday objects that produce light, heat, or sound energy. Light bulbs help us see, stove tops allow us to cook and heat objects, and televisions give off sound, light, and heat energy.

Fundamental Questions

  • What are some different forms of energy?

  • How do we use the different forms of energy in everyday life?

  • What are some common objects that produce energy and how do they help us?

Social Studies

  • Understanding different cultural holiday traditions
  • American Celebrations PBL Project


    • November 13th - Chick fil a Night
    • November 14th - Family Movie Night
    • November 24th - 28th - No School (Thanksgiving Break)
    • December 6th - Breakfast with Santa
    • December 8th - 12th - School Holiday Store

If you have not done so already, please send your child's field trip permission and payment as soon as possible.


  • istation- Your child can log in and play the fun learning games that are specific towards their area of needed growth. Please do NOT allow your child to take the assessment piece at home. This will take place at school in the computer lab. See the log in information that was sent home in report cards.
  • Raz-Kids or Readers
  • Practice basic math addition facts
  • Connect with Lindsay Davis