Urban Life, Toronto, ON

Expensive, Overpopulated but Astonishing

Urban VS Suburban

Imagine walking in Toronto, being used to the suburban area you aren't aware of the problems that may take place in the big city. You decide take your car into the city, finding the traffic to be a little irritating until your eye catches onto the beautiful scenery, from tall skyscraper's to sports stadiums, from creative art on the walls to famous paintings, you are incredibly stunned. You decide to take your car into the famous Eaton Centre's parking lot, not being able to find a parking spot you decide it's best to purchase your condo and settle in before you start visiting some of the many attractions. As your about to purchase your condo you see that the price is really expensive compared to those in the suburban area. Later you walk into your room and stare outside the window seeing the amazing attractions and overcrowded people that all have a smile on their face, after that sight you know that you are in the right place.

Downtown Toronto, Home of The many Land Use's

When you walk into Downtown Toronto you will be able to experience the many different land use's. Toronto is Canada's most populated city which can be a good thing but usually is a problem as it get's overpopulated. Due to this overpopulation Toronto has evenly spread their land use by making very tall condo's instead of wide to balance their residential use. This is very wise as it is perfect for big urban cities like Toronto. Toronto also has many examples of commercial as well as transportation land use. Due to the fact that Toronto is a big name urban city it must have some commercial land use as it need's money to function. Toronto hold's many of the great commercial sites like the Eaton Centre, these type of places usually hold high order goods like the apple store where you could purchase an iPhone or medium order good's like clothes, shoes, and cosmetics. But Toronto also holds low order goods in places like Kensington Market. Another problem that faces Toronto is transportation. Moving around in a car in Toronto is really hard as their is much traffic due to the overpopulation of the city. But this urban city has done good facing this problem, Toronto has built may alternate transportation option's like street car's, public transit, go train's, bicycle rentals and more. This great urban area is also home to many institutional land use's like the University of Toronto. These types of institutional land use are for education and the government. One type of land use that Toronto should work on is open space land use, as their is so much happening in the city due to overpopulation it is hard for them to keep some space left for families to chill out and enjoy themselves like park's or woodlot's.

The Conflicts In Toronto

Toronto also hold's many conflicts between the land use's which could be resolved. After walking through Toronto with my bus group I experienced the many conflicts between it. An example of one that I saw was industrial and residential. This is a conflict because when an industry like some factories create pollution, which could be noise or air, it harms many of the people living there, making it uncomfortable.