Proclamation of 1763

By:Lincoln F.

The Proclamation

The proclamation of 1763 was a document created by King George The Third to make peace between indians and the settlers. This slightly angered the settlers and cut the production of tobacco down by a lot, and back then tobacco was money for england and the settlers. The king thought it would be better if the settlers and he indians wouldn't fight each other so much.
The proclamation of 1763 basically stated that all the settlers could not expand at all into any of the indians hunting grounds or lands. Also that the indians are friends and they are not to be killed or hurt. He thought if they weren't fighting a lot that they would have more time to do things like farming tobacco and just live in peace for a while even though it would delay there exploration of America or "The New World". It was a pacifist documents with the indians that stop some battles but cut down tobacco production because they couldn't expand.
The economic systems of Virginia were largely affect by this proclamation because tobacco is their mass production and really one of their only sources of money and slaves and since again, the production was cut down because of the non-expansion into indian lands and they are practically surrounded by a ocean and indian land. Their economic structure was really just ship tobacco to england then they ship them money, resources, and slave boats to Africa so they can transport the slaves to America or the New World for labor for more tobacco.
The proclamation may have seemed good for the king but it was horrible for the settlers because all they really wanted to do was expand and get more land, explore and see what the rest of the new world was like, or just simply kill the indians so they could do both. The settlers wanted to just go expand and kill indians and make even more slaves and profit. Profit and the chance of owning land which was extremely rare in England and in that time land was profit because you could do so much with it. In the proclamation it also said that for really anybody that participated in the recent war would get land based off of how high or low they're ranked.
The proclamation of 1763 was made by King George The Third to make peace between the settlers and the indians. Even though the king thought it was a good idea that would increase production... it failed miserably but the proclamation made temporary peace between them. The proclamation was really a failure as a whole that limited the production of tobacco. It also kind of lead to the rebellion against having Kings as their leaders and they had votes to see who would be their leader. The proclamation was really eliminated.