By: Rylee white


the pueblo Indians consists of several native American tribes who are located in the Southwest United States. The pueblos get their food from framing near their adobe houses.

the pueblos lived in what is called an adobe house. it looks like a mall that is being built and they pretty much stay in or around the Adobe house.

For clothing they now wear sandals and many big feather hats to keep them cool when the wind blows. all pueblo Indians are on the edge of Texas in the mountain basin region

The nineteen Pueblos of New Mexico belong to a confederation called the All Indian Pueblo Council. Each Pueblo also has its own local government, with laws, police, and services just like a small country

Summary Paragaph

All Indians are very different now days. they used to not have very many cloths or very much food or shoes. they used to have to walk on rocks, dirt, thorns. concrete with their bear feet. for cloths they had to use cow hid and buffalo hide and use their skin for cloths, but it was hard to track he buffalo back then. Now the buffalo are breeding a lot more o it is eaiser for the Indians to get their cloths. and for shoes they never really used to have them, but if they did they were lucky. they made grass out of flip flops but on the bottom they use bark. now days they can get all of these things 50 times eaiser.