Job Description:

To plan, organize and implement an instructional program in a learning environment that guides and encourages students to develop and fulfill their academic potential.

The certificates, diplomas, and degrees required to become a educator

  • Bachelors degree or higher from an accredited institution
  • Meet professional teacher education requirements of school, district, state
  • Single subject teaching credential or certification if teaching a specialized subject
  • State certification

Potential Salary and Benefits


High School teacher salary: $46,445

Middle School teacher: $43,190

Elementary School teacher: $42,216


Earn a sold paycheck as a teacher

Teachers have reasonable hours

Share your passion in the classroom

Serious vacation time

Working Conditions

In the field of teaching, general working conditions can be quite excellent. Teachers have reasonable school hours and having summers off. However, there are downside to the working conditions which teachers must consider. Being a teacher can be stressful because of what you're trying to develop in your students, like good work habits, a healthy attitude, and the motivation to succeed, which is beyond your control. Next, physical strain on your body. Teachers spend a lot of time standing, and this can be hard on your body over time. Also, intense work cycles. As a teacher, there are times of the year when your job is much more hard, like during the first few weeks of school, when you are working to set up your classroom and plan the first few weeks of lesson plans. In addition, having an endless "to do" list. The fact that teachers "To Do" list is rarely complete. Finally, the "work hours" are misleading. Most teachers work far beyond the actual school day, and spend a large portion of their evenings, weekends, and even summers planning lessons, grading papers, and communicating with parents.