Are you a student? Are you a person of color? Then join us!

What is this about?

This gathering is meant to create conversations among undergraduate and graduate students of color and ways we can organize together at UCR. Also, this will be one of many gatherings scheduled to happen this quarter and in the following years.

As the most diverse UC (and the only reason the UC system is considered diverse) we should be one of the strongest schools in the system in terms of addressing issues that affect students of color.

These conversations are essential to uniting various communities at UCR and working to end the systematic oppression we face when trying to work together.

Basic Information:

The event will take place Wednesday, April 16 (6-7pm) *LOCATION TBA*

These gatherings will be CLOSED to only STUDENTS OF COLOR. If you are not a student or a person of color, consider acknowledging the spaces you are already afforded and respect the space.

Topics to be discussed at these gatherings, but not limited to:
Prison Industrial Complex, Palestinian apartheid, queer and trans issues, immigration, women's issues, borders, self care, healing, solidarity, body policing and anything you want to discuss!

Leave your racism, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and ableist attitudes at the door.