Malala's Story

By Sara Jones

How many kids dont go to school in the world, and Why?Whats being done to fix this?

72 million children do not go to school in the world.39 million of those kids, are girls which is more than half(54%) of the non-schooled population in the world~ Some reasons that kids don't go to school are,


  • Because they are girls. And girls don't have the same rights as boys do because people think that boys need the education more so they can get a better job.
  • Because they live in war zones-When you live in a place when there is a war going on, people think that school shouldn't be happening because they most likely cant even get to it.
  • Because they have disabilities-People think that if you are different, you don't deserve an education, because they don't care about how the child feels.
  • Because their family doesn't have a lot of money-You need quite a bit of money so maybe some families just cant afford the schools prices.

Something thats being done is that parents are getting an education and a job to help support their kids.

Who is Malala, what shes famous for, and highlights of her story.

Malala Yousafzai is a girl who lived in the Swat Valley in Pakistan, and the Taliban thought that girls shouldn't have the right to education, so they started blowing up schools, but Malala thought that was unfair, so she stood up to them and still tried to get her education not matter what the Taliban said, so when they found the mini bus her and her friends were on, the eventually found Malala and shot her in the face. She is famous because unlike those other girls, she stood up for her rights to education.Some highlights that i thought were important are,''Malala has fought long and hard against the Taliban in the Swat Valley in Pakistan, for girls’ right to go to school. Now, at the age of 15, she is close to death.''I feel bad for her, because i don't think that any girl should have to go through that while shes that young.... Another quote from her story is,''While they are still in Karachi, Malala’s father sees on the internet that the Taliban have issued threats against two women, and one of them is Malala. “These two women should be killed,” he reads.''I think that was hard on her father seeing his daughter on a kill threat from the Taliban, which are pretty powerful people...

Is it fair that not all children can go to school?~What, if anything, can you do to play a part in helping all children recieve a quality education?

My Answers

  1. I think that it is completely unfair that not all children get to go to school, because its not fair. For girls to. The cant help that they are girls, and maybe there is a good enough reason but the government should be taking more action so that all kids can go to school because its not fair that they didn't get to have that knowledge and the education. Because I love school and i would not give it up for anything because i know it will have a big impact on me if i didn't go to school.
  2. I think that i can donate to funds that will give money to those families so their kids will go to school, or some people could educate those kids on their own because everybody would appreciate that!
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Diane Sawyer Sits Down With the Inspirational Malala Yousafzai