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How To Apply For A Permanent Residency In United Kingdom

How To Apply For A Permanent Residency In United Kingdom

The individuals who want to apply for a permanent residence in UK must make sure that they fulfill all the mandatory requirements for filling the application form. Permanent residency is only granted to the people who are residing outside the European Economic Zone or European Economic Area (EEA). Before applying for a permanent residency in UK you have to make sure that you stay in the country is more than five years. The application for permanent residency also states that the candidates applying for the same must not have visited their native country for more than 3 months or 90 days during this period. If these basic guidelines are met, then anyone can apply for permanent residence in UK. The immigration department of UK provides various facilities to the citizen of other countries who are applying for permanent residence in the country. Once can visit the immigration department in their city and enquire about the basic guidelines which must be met before filling out the application forms.

Indefinite Leave To Remain Apply

The government of UK can grant indefinite leave to remain applyto any candidate who are residing inside the country for a specific period. Since UK immigration department allows citizens of other countries to stay for long duration of work visas, these visas can also be accounted if you want to apply for permanent residency. Immigration in UK offers a complete set of guidelines which must be followed before anyone can apply for permanent residency. The application must not have committed any type of crime in UK or in their native country. Most candidates are granted limited immigration privileges for a specific duration and once the duration is complete, they can apply for permanent residency in UK. Indefinite leave to remain apply also states that the candidates must be living inside UK for duration of five or more years on Sponsored Worker or Tier 2 Visa. All types of Tier 1 Visa and Ancestry Visa are also acceptable for this process. The applicants who are staying in UK through a business visa can also apply for permanent residency if the duration of their stay falls under the mandated guidelines. UK offers major benefits to visa holders and this is the reason a large section of people especially for south Asia are applying for permanent residency in this country.

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