RHS Week in Preview - YOU MATTER! - SHOW YOUR G.R.I.T.!

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Weekly Events - Algebra & Geometry EOC Retakes Week

Algebra & Geometry EOC Retakes will take place this week. Please check the list attached to the email.

M 9/15 20 Day Count (Please turn in slips 6th period.)

7:40AM – Leadership, RM206

T 9/16

7:40AM - Standards Based Grading PLC, RM 106

6:00PM – Volleyball @ HHS

W 9/17 College Awareness Wednesday - College shirts

7:40AM – AP Teacher Meeting, RM206

Lunches – CAW, RM106

3:00PM – Leadership Interviews

5:00PM – Swimming vs. HHS

5:30PM –Cross Country Meet, RHS

6:00PM – Volleyball vs. AHS

TH 9/18

7:40AM – SAC Meeting, RM206

3:30PM – Boys Golf @ JWMHS

3:30PM – Girls Golf vs. JWMHS & HHS

4PM - ELA/Reading Networking Session @ HHS

F 9/19 Progress Reports

7:40AM – Schoolwide Work Groups: Pride RM106, Safety RM206, Learning RM222

Lunches – PRIDE session; RAM Bucks, RM106

7:30PM – Football @ AHS



Positive Energy - Glass Half Full (Teachers fill these out to recognize other staff members quarterly)


Nominate a Staff Member of the Month (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, SRP) for August/September that have shown G.R.I.T.! Taking nominations through Friday, Sept. 19th.


Nominate a Student of the Month (9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th) for August/September that have shown G.R.I.T.! Taking Nominations through Friday, Sept. 19th.



LANE GLO BOWLING SEPT. 26 4-6PM Please RSVP so that we can get a count.

$6.95 for 2 hours of bowling & shoe rental or just come and socialize!



Progress Monitoring through Feedback (Grades) as we approach Progress Reports:

Make sure that you are entering grades into eSembler each week. Contractually, you are required to enter 9 grades per quarter. Please think about what is best for students in your decision making for entering grades. Students and parents need timely and thorough feedback in order to improve performance. All students need to know where they stand in all their classes. Thank you for continuing to strive to do what is best for students.


As a follow up to better assess rigor at RHS, please complete this survey by 9/16 (this is an extension). You may complete this during PLC time or during your planning. We need to get a larger sampling than 29 people who took the survey to best meet all of the staff members needs. Thank you to those who took the survey before 9/12.


This week's winners: Rachel Surrency, Daniell Grubbs, Angela Smith, Kim Theurer. Please see Cathy for your prizes!

RHS BADGE CHALLENGE LINKS: Please submit your reflections.

R-Notes (Teachers fill these out for their own reflection)


Learning Goals and Scales (Teachers fill these out for their own reflection)


TECHNOLOGY TIP: QR Codes in Teaching


Great Examples Shared of R-Notes (Cornell Notes)

This sample is from Ms. Moon's class. Please make sure to share your student's Cornell Notes with Mrs. Leary so that we can highlight and be eligible for a learning badge.
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We will be charting our staff to staff recognition weekly so keep the positive RHS "Snaps" coming! Recognition is a component of the Safety badge for this quarter.

Lillian Pardo by Sharlene Byrd for SAFETY & PRIDE for always helping to keep the concessions running safely and efficiently!

Joe Kelly by Jennifer Spicer for LEARNING way to embrace Aurasma in your classroom - you are amazing!

Darynn Magee by Rachel Surrency & Mark Rubin for LEARNING always willing to help and collaborate on lesson plans for Biology. He has been extremely helpful in assisting me with tools and information to help me adjust to a new school and is always available for questions, which helps me do my best with my students.

Rachel Surrency by Jennifer Spicer for LEARNING for helping to encourage our AVID learners as well as ALL your students to use Cornell Notes!

Stacey Hannigan by Alicia Leary for LEARNING for her focus on standards based instruction and data analysis; for being ready to take the next step into implementing academic interventions.

Jennifer Dusek by Ed McComiskey for PRIDE for great performance of band on Friday of their playing of the National Anthem was beautiful and choked me up.

Derek Delgardo by the Admin. Team for SAFETY for his patience, organization, and community-centered approach to his work. Great job in making sure that everyone was safe at the football game during the lightning delays.

Marzano Domains 2-4 PREVIEW

Begin to preview Marzano's Domains 2-4 as many of the elements are practices that we are implementing with our safety, pride, and learning work groups as well as RHS Badges. We will be hosting Fireside Chat Sessions every other week beginning 9/24 at 3PM (for a half an hour) to discuss and have the opportunity to ask questions about each of the other domains.
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