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September Newsletter

Welcome Back!

Hello parents and welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! We are so excited to be working with each of you this year! We will continue to make sure that parents are involved in receiving communication about the LaSalle Springs counseling department. Our goal is make sure that parents are aware of events, activities, resources and information that pertains to the academic, career, and social/emotional needs of all students. This may include student need data, guidance lessons, event dates, articles, and information discussing topics related to mental health. Our counseling department will continue to issue our newsletters on a monthly basis. If there are ever any topics that you would like our counseling department to include in our newsletters, please contact Robin Giden.

As a reminder, there is a counselor assigned to each grade level. The break down is as follows:

Robin Giden- 8th grade counselor

Eric Barnhart- 7th grade counselor

Alice Patton- 6th grade counselor

Again, we are excited to be kicking off the year on a healthy start! Please read on for more information!

Sexual Harassment Training and Meeting the Counselors

Your counseling department went into the classrooms on August 20th, 21st, 22nd and 30th to give our annual training on our Sexual Harassment Policies and Procedures. At LaSalle Springs we believe that every student deserves to walk the hallways and be in classrooms feeling safe and comfortable. It is important that students reach out to any trusted adult at school to report any incidents of sexual harassment. You can view the video below that was shown to each classroom about how students should deal with sexual harassment at school.

Counselors were also able to review with students the role of a school counselor and to view each counselor's google classroom. Students will be able to access their counselor's classroom to make an appointment, report an incident and to view other helpful posts related to mental or health or activities/events.

Please download and review the Harassment Policy and Regulation for parents below.

How to Deal With Sexual Harassment?

Emotions in Middle School

Moody, private, self-conscious... if this sounds like your tween, you're not alone. At this age, his/her body and emotions are changing rapidly. Here are ways to help your child cope.

Managing Moods: Physical growth and worries about friends, sports, and schoolwork can cause moodiness. Let your child know you're available to talk. A quiet statement, such as "I remember what it feels like not to be asked to join a team," can invite him/her to open up about what's bothering them.

Finding Privacy: It's natural for your middle grader to want some time to themselves. They might close their bedroom door or walk outside to take a phone call, for example. Show them that you respect their growing need for privacy by giving them space.

Fitting in: Many middle graders feel self-conscious. Being part of a group of people who share their interests can help your youngster focus on his strengths and feel more confident. Encourage him to participate in at least one activity, perhaps basketball, student council or Mud club.

Welcome Anna Greenwood, Social Emotional Support Specialist

Anna is embarking on her second year here at Rockwood where she started in, January 2018 as Project Coordinator of the Drug-Free Coalition. She is now a Social Emotional Support Specialist at LaSalle Springs Middle, Wildwood Middle, and Eureka High School. Anna meets with students who need additional support during the school day. Anna has been married since July 20, 2012 and met her husband at Missouri State in 2004. They have a 1.5 year old daughter named Claire. Anna was born and raised in St. Louis. She has always loved working with kids, especially middle school age. Middle school years are some of the toughest years in a student's life. "If I can be a champion for one student, then I feel like I have made an impact"- Anna Greenwood.

Bully-proof your child: Q and A

Q: I've heard bullying peaks in middle school. How can I make sure my daughter isn't targeted?

A: There is no way to guarantee a child will never be bullied. But there are things you can do to help. Since people who bully are less likely to pick on someone who has friends, encourage your child to get to know other students. Suggest that she join a club, and have her invite classmates over. Not only is there safety in numbers, but having friends will build her self-esteem, which in turn can reduce chances of being targeted. Also, talk to your daughter about bullying. Tell her that if she is bullied or witnesses bullying, she should seek help immediately from an adult, whether it's you, a teacher, an administrator, or a coach. Let her know that she's not expected to handle this problem alone.

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Save the Date: 8th Grade Field Trip to South Tech High School

Thursday, Oct. 17th, 8-10:30am

12721 West Watson Road

St. Louis, MO

The purpose of this trip is to introduce students to a variety of careers and educational
programs in the following areas: Business & Technology, Health Services, Industrial &
Engineering Technology, Arts & Communication, Transportation & Manufacturing, Construction, and Human Services. During this field trip, students will be encouraged to ask questions about educational requirements, future employment opportunities and skills/abilities needed to succeed in the various career fields.

South Tech High School has a total of 19 programs that students can pick to tour. Ms. Giden will be meeting with students on September 4th and 5th during their P.E. classes to discuss the trip and to encourage their completion of an online survey, provided by South Tech, so that students may choose their program of choice to tour. Students will be able to choose up to two programs and is also limited to first come first serve. The survey will be posted in the "Graduating Class of 2024" google classroom and will be made live on September 5th at 5pm. It is important that your 8th grade student complete this survey as soon as possible from the date it is made live. If a student fails to complete the survey or does so at the last minute, they may be randomly placed in a program to tour. If internet use or computer access is limited while at home, students may make an appointment with Ms. Giden in order to complete the survey. You can contact Ms. Giden if you have questions.

Clarification on Art Fundamentals and Art Studio

In the past there has been some confusion on whether or not Art Fundamentals in middle school actually counts as a high school credit. It does not. Students will still need at least 24 credits to graduate high school whether they take Art Fundamentals as a middle grader or not. However, Art Fundamentals is a high school level course and is counted as a prerequisite for any other art classes in high school. For example, if a student takes Art Fundamentals in middle school and passes it, then they have fulfilled this prerequisite. This will then allow them to take other art classes at the start of their Freshman year instead of taking Art Fundamentals. Some examples of other art classes could be Drawing 1 or Photography. This allows students to have the chance of taking more art classes in high school if they are a student who is passionate about art.

There has also been a few instances where students/parents think if a student took 8th grade Art Studio for a year, it is the same as Art Fundamentals. This is also not true. The curriculum for the two courses is very different.

We hope this provides some clarification!

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Taking the ACT in Middle School

Anyone in middle school can take the ACT. All you would need to do is register for the test at If you need help registering, you can contact ACT via email, chat, or phone. You can have your student's scores sent to our school to have them placed in their permanent records, but it is not necessary. You can also bring a copy of their scores to the counseling office and we will be happy to place their scores in their permanent file.
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We will be back next month! As always, your counseling department is here to support you and your children's needs. We are just a phone call or email away!