Staring Contest!

Are You Up for It?

Come see Me, Look at Me...

They say that the 'Eyes are the windows to the soul', what can you say about mine? My eyes are as HUGE, they're actually as big as my brain. My eyes are so huge, you can't miss them. I usually have hazel eyes (I know, they're freaky but they're cute right) if not then I could have regular brown eyes.

Be careful! I got track legs for my size, I could jump right in your face if I don't like you. I have long fingers and I'm sort of fuzzy. **oh if you can, bring some insects or like a bird or a small lizard for me too! I could catch my own but I'm cool with treats and free food too (you know how it goes).

The peeps in my sanctuary might ask for a small fee though, I might need it for my species to remain existent in this world. Peace.

"When You Look Me in the Eye"

Thursday, Feb. 11th, 9pm

Tarsier Sunctuary Road

Corella, Central Visayas

At the nearest Tarsier Sanctuary near you!

Several Southeast Asian Islands [Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia...]

You CAN COME ANYTIME!, but I'm also nocturnal so I could be very sleepy during the day (bet I could still beat you at that staring contest though).