Dass's Dot's Monthly Newsletter

October Edition

Ohhh October

I seriously LOVE October in this business! The weather is changing, women are pulling out sweaters and boots and sipping pumpkin spice lattes. Ahhh yes, it's a wonderful time of year. What really is wonderful though is this mental switch that also happen in October. You can sense it. The momentum is building. We are preparing for the most exciting month of all, November, where truly ANYTHING is possible. Goals that seemed too far fetched or crazy insane are suddenly possible. And that is what I'm here for. To listen to your crazy goals even the ones you are too afraid to say outloud. Trust me, I have them too. It's those Big Hairy Audacious Goals (or BHAG according to Danielle Redner) that push us out of our comfort zone and move our business forward. IMPOSSIBLE suddenly looks like I'M POSSIBLE!

Whether you plan on selling one pair of earrings this season or 100, I am here for you! Reach out. Share your goal. Let me be your cheerleader!

Raise your pumpkin spice lattes and CHEERS to an incredible November!



Qualified Sales ($500+) and Sponsoring

Top in Sales

Heidi Nowitze: $3,578

Kristen Danbeck: $3,564

Mary-Louise Tollenaar: $2,594

Ashley Carson: $2,465

Ann Dassinger: $2,448

Cassie Cohen: $2,385

Danna Sanders: $1,922

Mindy Gray: $1,052

Kellie Troop: $801

Robin Beeso: $584

Kendell Bachman: $512

Stephanie Agee: $510

Sponsoring (qualified)

Ashley Carson: 1

Heidi Nowizke: 1

Stephanie Agee: 1

Welcome New Stylists

As a team, we welcomed 6 new stylists! I'm so excited to get to know all of you and help you maximize your jump start!

And a little reminder: We are having a friendly competition with two other STAR teams called Mission 30. The Mission (if you choose to accept it) is to help grow our team by 30 stylists. We have currently added 12! We have 7 weeks left and no doubt, we can make it! For each new stylist you sponsor during this contest period you will be entered into a raffle for a Spa Pampering Day! Here's the current break down:

Ashley: 3
Kristen Danbeck: 2
Heidi Nowitzke: 1
Allison Malmstrom: 1...
Stephanie: 1
Mary-Louise Tollenaar: 1
Ann: 1
Robin: 1
Michelle Folk: 1