By: Raina cannon

Earthquake poem

We lived it Alaska

cold, windy, beautiful,

graceful morning

untell that evening

where there were houses smashed in,

ruined homes,

people had no idea it was coming

people had things to, do places to go

but then the surface of the earth

called the crust started to

flutter,shake,and rumble

Then I started to think, is this a earthquake ???

‘’No’’ I started saying constantly in my head

over and over and over in my head

it can't be a earthquake….

if it was why didn't we get sirens

geologists cannot predict earthquakes.

My mom said with a scary voiced They hope they will in the FUTURE through continued research and improved technology.

Suddenly the that earth shook, fearlessly

I remembered in china that a earthquake

killed about 830,000 people!!!!!

and that the longest recorded earthquake

happened in chile on may 22, 1960

Then i started hope that I wouldn't be worst……..


then the deadliest earthquake that happened in china 1556.

The earthquake mass murder

destroying everything

and anything it could touch

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Example of Earthquake

Earthquake paragraph

Earthquakes can cause terrible disasters, like Smashed houses roofs wrapped off the top ,according to National Geographic Kids. There is a surface to the earth and it's called the crust and the crust is made out of moving pieces called plates. Also,Most earthquake happen many miles beneath the surface. Some earthquakes can even go 400 miles beneath the surface (National Geographic Kids,2013).

National Geographic Kids. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Jan. 2016. <>
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Anther Example

This is what happens when plate collide toghether

Where all the earthquakes happen