Numeracy across the school

Advice for embedding numeracy in lessons

Supporting Maths

I am not going to tell you how to teach maths. That is not my specialist area and there are a lot of teachers in your school that can help with the actual maths.

What I want to look at is supporting both the maths teachers and the students in practicing the skills and seeing them as a relevant part of their lives.

Numeracy supporting your subject

As a PE teacher, I thought that there was a lot that I could do that supported maths. My subject uses number a lot but was I doing anything with this to help both students and the maths teachers.

One thing that I did not want to do was to try to teach maths through my subject. That is not fair to the students or to maths. What I can do however is show students where maths will support their Sport. Where knowing how to work out percentages they can see how god they are at a skill, by knowing averages they can see how consistent they are, by knowing angles they can develop a skill.

To support this I have created resources that students can use in lessons. These range from worksheets to videos that support the maths in lessons.

The hope is that if students see the relevance to them then they will use it regularly and the learning will become more embedded.

working out percentages

Getting a plan

The first step is to analyse your subject. Where is maths important. Where in the subject would maths be used to solve a problem.

This appears in a lot of areas.

Art will look at shape, Science will look at measurements, Design Technology will look at measurements, and shape. Geography looks at coordinates. Music looks at timing.

Does your subject look at any of these?







Once you have done that, you will need to think about how to show that it supports the learning. Then signpost it.

Speak to the maths department to see areas that students are struggling with, can you support this. Can you create resources to support that have links to both subjects?

Let students know they are doing maths, and that it is helping them learn. That the skills they learn in maths is supporting their learning in other subjects.

Measure impact

When doing any work it is important to think about the work that goes in and the impact it has. Anything that requires hours of planning but has minimal impact is a waste of time and energy.

A simple resource sheet that can be used over and over is easy to create and can be used again and again. measure the impact by seeing how much students start using it in your lesson. Talk to their maths teachers and see if it is having an impact on their results.