A Wolf's Head Life

By: Hank

Crispin's Crime

Crispin, Asta's son, has been framed for a crime. He overheard two villagers talking. "It was madness over his mothers death that caused the boy to break into the manor house and steal... money." Aycliffe, the steward, is his accuser. The priest informs Crispin, "Aycliffe claims you stole money from the manor." But the steward doesn't stop there. He then proclaims Crispin a wolf's head. Crispin is horrified and rightly so. He understands its meaning, "That... I'm considered not human, that anyone may... kill me."


Reward And Further Information

Reward: 100 Gold Coins (Reward will be given when body has been received)

Wanted: Dead OR Alive

Last Seen: Woods North Of The Manor

Location: Bring Body To The Castle