Get a deal on salt this winter!

Organic Melt Ice Remover

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Our blend of sugar beets and rock salt is certain to keep your sidewalks ice free this winter!

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We have an improved formula with more sugar beets included than previous mixes of our product. For a limited time we offer you a 50% off at select retailers with this coupon!

Product retails from $15.99 for our smallest sizing to $29.95 for our 22Kg bag

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We offer three different sizes (subject to availability):

  • 5kg jug at $15.99
  • 10kg pail at $20.97
  • 22.7kg bag at $29.95
Our product is made here in Canada and is proven to be environmentally safe, producing minimal corrosion to plants and driveways when used as directed.
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Certified Eco-friendly by Canadian EcoLogo

The Deal

Purchase this coupon below to receive 50% off on any of our products listed above and see for yourself just how effective the Organic Melt Ice Remover is!

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