Risk Management + Insurance

By: Ryder McCain

Workers Compenstion

Covers an employee when he/her gets injured or sick on or because of the job. Pays the employee untill he/her is fit to come back to work.

Health Insuance

A person will be covered against the cost of their health care. If you are sick and you cant work then health insuance covers you.

Hospitalization Insuance

Hospital insuance also know as medical insuance. Covers most expenses when in the hospital you are mostly only going to have to pay the bed charges.

Surgical Insuance

Covers all or part of the fees that for the operation.

Regular Medical Insuance

This will cover fees for nonsurgical care given in the docters office, patients home, or hospitals. Also covers spesialized care outside of the hospital.

Dental Insurance

Contains deductible and coinsuance to reduces the cost of premiums. Covers most things that is done in the dentist office.

Comprehensive Medical Policy

Combines the features of hospital, surgical, regular, and major medical insurance. It is the most common group health insuance policy.

Vision Care Insurance

Covers eye examination, prescription lenses, frames, and contact lenses. Some plans will cover the cost of laser eye sugery that eliminates the need for glasses.

Life Insurance

There are three types of insurance term life, permanent, group life insuance. Provides financial from losses resulting from a death during a definite period time. Last a life time as long as premium is paid.