Brooklyn Doll

The Fun Time Shopping Doll For Ages 6-9

Does your daughter, or grand daughter spend money on stupid stuff they don't need like paper bags with hair and eyes that are so called "dolls?" Well don't suffer watching them anymore, the Brooklyn Doll has come to rescue you. This super sweet, love-able doll is loved by 100's of girls across the globe. She is only sold at the most extravagant malls such as Stonebriar, check your extravagant mall to see if if they have this amazing doll.
The Brooklyn Doll has many awesome features! Such as the fact that you can customize her for only $10 extra online. not including shipping and handling The Brooklyn Doll is purse sized so that your daughter, or grand daughter can take her shopping.The Doll fits in most medium sized purses The Brooklyn Doll also is the cheapest doll out of all our competitors, at only $20! No refunds are excepted after 2 hours of ownership Over 50% of girls showed a drastic change for the best on their money spending habits.