Polo or Gap?

Decisions, Decisions, Decide!

Define the decision

As I walk past the hurrying shoppers in the Crestview Towne Center I can smell Auntie Anne’s fresh hot pretzels. My dad and I are here to buy our final KUNA clothes. I then realized that there would have to be a lot decisions to be made like should I buy a Polo or Gap button down shirt?

Estimate resources available

Considering my resources available, I do not have the time to procrastinate any longer because my trip is tomorrow. My knowledge on the two shirts is that the Polo brand is better quality but a higher price. I can buy either because I have the money to or Dillard’s sells both.

Consider the alternatives

In this situation I can go either way. I can buy a Polo shirt or a Gap shirt. Both meet my needs.

Information gather

While looking at the shirts side by side I realized that the Polo cost $40 while the Gap cost only $20. The Polo shirt fits better than the Gap. They are both white colored and will go well with my navy jacket. The Polo is a better quality the Gap.


Considering all of the positives that come with the Polo shirt except for the price, I am ready to check out. I’ve decided to purchase the Polo shirt. I am now set for the up coming KUNA conference.

Evaluate the decision

I am satisfied with my decision on the Polo shirt. Besides, it was a better quality and a better fit. On the other hand, my dad was not exactly ecstatic about my decision.