Legendary HR Smore

Good Interview

This is a good example of a good interview because the man talks clearly and has good posture. He also doesn't use ummm when he talks. He uses good manners.
Sample Interview 2-More effective interview

A Bad Interview

She isn't on time, she's chewing gum. She's also not wearing the right attire, she needs to look more professional.
What Not to do in a Job Interview

Do's and Don'ts on a job interview


-Dress professional

-Sit up straight, use good posture.

-Act interested in the conversation you're having with the person that's interviewing you.


-Wear a lot of jewelry

-Chew gum

-Rub or touch your nose

High School Teacher


  • -Making administrative and budget decisions
  • -Chaperoning classes and trips
  • -Prioritizing teaching methods
  • -Completing parent and student counseling
  • -Enforcing rules and disciplinary action
  • -Lecturing and discussing concepts
  • -Preparing material for presentations
  • Qualifications:

    -must obtain a bachelor's degree

    -teacher preparation course or program