Dire Satire

Rhett Stubblefield John Wilson IV Period 4

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This carton is a farce because of the joke that is embedded into the comic. The large man is Vladimir Putin, the Russian president. The familiar man on his finger is President Obama of the United States. This is a comic regarding the Ukrainian-Crimea-Russian Crisis that has been in the news recently. You can see Putin is extremely large in comparison to Obama in size. This is probably because Putin has recently been found to look stronger and more grounded than Obama regarding the presiding issues. Obama is wrapped around Putin's finger which is a play off a popular saying. Also, Obama's quote in the comic is a joke off of something he said to the media and is played off of here in the comic. The cartoonist is portraying Obama as frail and submissive to a large and powerful Putin. The improbable situation and the underlying comedy are some of the elements that make this comic a farce.