Writing music

Typical day

write notes and lyrics for an event, song or ballad.

Work Environment

recording studio, musical studio, a bedroom, outside.

Who You Work With

in this occupation you could work with two to three people to one to an entire group.

Hands, Head or both

You would mainly use your head for this job you could use your hands for instruments you could play.


The typical salaries range from $25,250 to $110,690 per year.

Set Secedual

any time is used late at night, early morning, mid-day.


I would not want to supervise anyone, You do your things and i'll do mine is my motto


creative, musical, can come up with ideas, good with poetry.

Would you need any training or extra degree's

no, if you want to go to school and have a back-up plan then you could.

How do you know you could do this job.

I love to sing and play instruments, and i write really good poetry (at least that's what my friends say).