Off the Shelf

Winter 2018

Literacy Night

March is going to be Literacy Month here at YMS.

We are going to be having a variety of activities going on throughout the month including a read-a-thon (more info on that below, so keep reading).

We plan to hold a Literacy Night as a culminating event to our Literacy Month on Tuesday March 28th 5-7. I'd like to have a variety of activities for families to participate in together including different games like Story Cubes, Boggle, Scrabble, Dixit, etc.

Book Recommendation

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Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu

"I'm a girl who studies for tests. I'm a girl who turns in homework on time. I'm a girl who tells her grandparents she'll be over in five minutes and shows up in three. I'm a girl who doesn't cause a fuss. I even shrink into my desk when a teacher calls on me in class. I'm a girl who would prefer to evaporate into the ether rather than draw even positive attention to herself."

Vivian Carter thought she was used to the ways of highschool life in her small Texas town: football, and football players, and pep rallies and cheerleaders. The football players are treated like gods, meanwhile the girls soccer team hasn't had new uniforms in decades. The boys play Bump 'n Grab in the hallways, and when girls complain about it, they're told that it's "just a joke".

Inspired by her mother's Riot Grrl youth, spent in Washington State attending punk shows and publishing feminist zines, Viv decides to take action. She begins her own zine, called Moxie, and anonymously distributes them around the school. When she sees the response, and realizes that she is not the only girl who is fed up with "the way things are" she is inspired to continue, and soon other girls in the school begin adopting Moxie as as a brand name for their own revolution.

This book is a narrative of a teen girl's feminist awakening. "It's not just one type of girl but all kinds. Jocks and loud girls and girls on the yearbook and quiet girls and black girls and white girls and brown girls." In this statement, Vivian is seeing for herself that feminism isn't a word for a punk-ish lifestyle, nor is it an indicator of someone's interests or appearance

And for your listening pleasure, a Moxie inspired playlist:

Siouxsie and the Banshees "Hong Kong Garden" (1978)
Joan Jett "Bad Reputation" (1981)
Bikini Kill "Rebel Girl" (1993)
No Doubt "I'm Just a Girl" (1995)
Spiderbait "Sunshine on My Window" (1996)
FILI-13 "Mansplain It to Me" (2017)

The Author

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