By Magdalena kvakic

Identity 3 properties of magnets

1.magnets attract iron and materials with iron.

2.magnets attract or repel other magnets.

3.magnets point north when swing freely.

Magnetic poles

2 types of poles are north and south.

Poles interact by 2 north poles repel or 2 south poles.One south poles and one north pole attract.

Magnetic force

2 types of poles attract and repel.

Relate magnetic force to poles? Produced poles interact.

Magnetic Fields

What are they?The fields around a magnet that give it a pull or push.

How is determined? it depends on how wrong the magnet is.

Where are the field lines the strongest? At the poles.

Magnetic domains

Explain how magnetism is affected by magnetic domains?

A grouping of atoms that have their magnetic field aligned is known as a magnetic domain.