Mark Zuckerberg

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Mark Zuckerberg is famous because he is the creator of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is one of the youngest millionaires. Mark Zuckerberg also made a web site called

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Mark Zuckerberg

Important Facts

*Mark grew up in White Plains, New York.

*Mark Zuckerberg was very well educated by his parents when he was

*As a child Mark Zuckerberg had a computer and he was very fascinated by how they worked.

*Mark went to very advanced schools through out his life.

*For high school he went to Philips Exeter Acedemy

*After high school Mark got into Harvard, University one of the nation's top schools.

*At Harvard University Mark Zuckerberg made Facebook.

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Mark Zuckerberg got into one of the nation's top schools , Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He began going there in The Fall of 2002. Harvard is where Mark Zuckerberg took some computer classes. Mark majored in psychology.Mark spent a lot of time in his dorm room writing computer programs. In Harvard is where Mark made Facebook which is a web site or app where you can socialize with other people on the web.
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Mark Zuckeberg, Philips Exeter Academy.

For high school Mark chose Philips Exeter Academy because it had advanced classes in computers and math. It also had a Latin program. Zuckerberg wanted to learn Latin because he hoped to study ancient literature. At the Philips Exeter Academy Mark Zuckerberg was in themath team and science Olympiad and the band and Latin honor society. Mark also likes to fence. Mark was really good at fencing. In 2000, when Mark was still in high school he was voted most valuable player at a regional competition of the U.S Fencing Association.
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Mark Zuckerberg, Palo Alto,California

In 2004 Mark Zuckerberg left Harvard University and moved to Palo Alto, California so he can work full time on Facebook. Palo Alto is in a Silicon Valley which is the center of the compute industry in America. Mark thought that it would be a good place to work at. He thought that if his business was surrounded by other computer businesses it would be better. Plus he also liked California.

Life lesson,Mark Zuckerberg

Learn a lot now because in the future it really pays off.
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Mark Zuckerberg, Book

Title:Mark Zuckerberg

Author: Adam Wood

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