Staff meeting at 3:00 in the auditorium with KDA staff. We will be going over safety and security. Rose will be presenting about how to refer students. Chaz will present union material.

Monday morning meeting over the intercom

evaluation meeting


Evaluation meetings

UFA 4th and 5th grade


UFA Kinder


UFA 2nd and 3rd grades


UFA 1st grade and Kinder/1st grade combo


Rose will be collecting referrals and will be emailing what we have discussed at cost. You will all be invited to SST meetings through google calendar.

Picture day

Picture day will be October 17th.

Contact list

Thank you to those of you that have put your information into the google doc. Could everyone else please put their information into the google doc that has been shared.


All of you can sign up to have access to the sub system, smart finder. You need to go to the ousd website and enter the intranet. First time users will need to sign up at 510 3799303. This will allow you to register and create a password. As a new procedure please request a substitute yourself I will still need to be notified as soon as you know you will be out sick. For personal days I will still need to be notified 2 weeks in advance.


Coach is is asking that students do not bring our their own soccer balls and other sports equipment to recess. There are plenty of sports supplies and it causes problems on te yard when students bring things from home. Please remind students to NOT play behind the trees on the cafeteria side. Coach has begun to set up cones to help kids understand that they are not to play in that area.