The Year I was Born

By Josh Knotts

June 30th was the day I was born, as well as Mike Tyson and the actor of the Elven husband of the leader of Riven Dale from Lord of the Ring. People born on June 30th were famous and will give a whoppin’ on any one who messes with them, just like a Knotts’! Those 3 people are the amazing haired me, the no-haired Mike Tyson, and Marton Csokas, the actor of an Elf and the actor of Poggle the Lesser, one of the carriers of the 2nd death star in Star Wars.

Let’s start with Mike Tyson, a true hero that shows what a Knotts really is, a rock tough man willing to defend him self at all costs. Mike Tyson was a heavy weight champ that bit off Holyfield’s ear! Clean off!!! Mike Tyson was undefeated in 37 matches, weighing 235 lbs. and was the best there was for years until he lost his last match in 2002. How ironic, that’s the year I was born! Now he is in a traveling band.

Now to Marton Csokas, an actor that was an Elf in Lord of the Ring, a geonosis leader in Star Wars, and the main character in Law & Order. Marton knew how to be on TV and knew how to look good while doing it. Sounds like some one? Maybe some one named “J-O-S-H”?

2002 was a great and terrible year the U.S. There were shootings on a bus that killed 13 passengers and people were still recovering from 9/11 yet the world was still moving forward in toys like Lego, and they added to security, and they didn’t look at the past and what did happen, but they looked at potential, and in a positive way. That’s what being an American is all about, well that and eating bacon! Ha !