Class Slice of Life Story Challenge

Writing about the small moments of your life.

We Are a Team: The Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge Writing Team

The Challenge

We are joining The Slice of Life Writing Challenge! The challenge is to write every day for 31 days! This writing will be posted on our blogs and connected with others participating in the challengeI This challenge is hosted by the co-authors of the blog, Two Writing Teachers, where I am a co-author. This is my fifth class to join the challenge. I honestly can't wait to jump in with these creative and dedicated writers.

This is optional, but please encourage your child to join! The growth seen in the students who join is incredible! Not only are they getting practice in writing, spelling, and building responsibility but they are also learning empathy and compassion in working together to support our writing team!



Comments help give the writers energy for writing. I'm encouraging students to comment on the blogs of other writers in the challenge. Writers and commenters can use the links on our Kid Blog page to get to these blogs.

Parents are also welcome ( and encouraged) to comment. You can log into Kid Blog as a guest and just sign your post "____'s mom/dad." Grandparents can also access the blog. We've had some students get comments from aunts, other teachers, and students participating from other schools. Remember, I'm moderating all comments so your comment will not appear immediately and you won't need to worry about safety or content!

Slice Of Life Lunch!

Tuesday, March 7th, 11:15-11:45am

the Classroom

I will be hosting lunches every Tuesday for Slice Of Life Writers! We will eat in the classroom and talk about writing. Sharing a weekly lunch is an excellent way to find support from our writing community.

Interested in joining a writing luncheon?

Email to make a reservation.

A Few Notes

A Few Notes

When students are writing every day, not every post will be fantastic. As someone participating in the challenge, I can tell you there are days I just need to get something written, so I have to push the publish button before I'm really ready. Some posts will be long, some short. Some posts will be well written; others may feel rushed. Sometimes there will be interesting ideas; sometimes writers may have just to write. We're building endurance and stamina.

If students need ideas, reading the posts of friends can sometimes help. I point out to students when they are telling me stories, "You should write about that in your Slice of Life." To help them to see the story slices in their day. You can help by doing the same.

Please allow students to do their own writing. They can do it in a way that six/seven year olds will write. The spelling won't always be perfect (though we are working on it --- especially those words we write all of the time), the capitals are hard to make on the computer, punctuation is hard to remember, and they may not write everything they told you when talking about the story, but they'll grow. If it is late, just have them get a quick bit down. It is always OK to go back to edit your post to make it better later. Students can also write on paper and take a picture to add it to their blog .

If they don't want to write for the day, no worries. The goal is 25 of 31 days and even five pieces in this month is more than they may have written without the challenge. I know some kids are determined to write all 31 days, so I thank you for your patience and help in supporting them in their goals.

Writing from Home

To get started login to our classroom page and head over to Kid Blog and Happy Writing!

I'll be updating posts and comments throughout the weekend. Remember, I have to approve post and comments before they're visible to you or the on the blog.

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