Tech Tip Thursday #23

Youtube in the Classroom!

YouTube in the Classroom

YouTube is one of the most powerful web applications on the Internet, with over 1.311 billion videos and counting. More than just an entertainment portal, YouTube can be a research, presentation, and education tool. Because of its abundant supply of content, YouTube lends itself to a wide array of subjects and students. This week we will look at some applications to make Youtube work better for you in the classroom.

YouTube EDU

YouTube EDU. This portal allows students and teachers to access a broad range of educational videos, including lectures and speeches. YouTube EDU features thousands of videos from partners like National Geographic, TED, and PBS. It is a great starting place to search for class-related content and be inspired by the work of other academics.

Now for you Chromebook Users...

Turn Off the Lights - Browser Extension: Atmosphere Lighting for YouTube™

Tonia McMillan, Technology Coordinator

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