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Dear Springville Families,

With the new information shared yesterday from our District, I wanted to provide you with more information about the differences between Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) at Springville and FLEX Online School. It’s important to note that in both our school’s Comprehensive Distance Learning model and in FLEX Online School, attendance will be taken and grades will be reported for each student. I also want to highlight more specifics about what each of these will look like for students in the fall:

Comprehensive Distance Learning at Springville K-8

  • Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) is a more robust plan for online instruction for our students than we were able to accomplish last spring. This will include:

    • Daily live and recorded instruction in core content that addresses grade level learning targets and includes whole group, small group, and individual teaching and learning structures

    • A daily schedule to help students stay engaged and connected with teachers and classmates

    • Instruction from Springville teachers that is responsive to students’ academic, social, and emotional needs and goals

    • Teachers and specialists constructing and delivering lessons via Zoom and in Seesaw or Canvas. Based on your feedback from the spring, we will be working to streamline and improve our communication.

    • Teachers using our current curriculum adoptions and assessments. The learning opportunities will be more robust and comprehensive.

  • Parents may choose for their student(s) to participate exclusively in CDL online all year and not participate in the hybrid model for the entire school year (2020-2021).

  • When it is safe to begin the hybrid model, if parents choose to do so, 3 days per week will be CDL and 2 days will be onsite in-person supplemental instruction.

  • The hybrid model is a combination of CDL and in-person on site supplemental instruction.

  • Participation is expected in CDL and students are required to attend as an enrolled student.

  • There is no additional sign up or registration required to participate in CDL or hybrid.

  • Students will develop relationships with teachers while participating in CDL and continue those relationships when we begin the hybrid model or if they choose to remain in CDL

  • Families should expect to spend 4-6 hours dedicated to school each day. This includes both online and offline activities.

  • We will continue to have assemblies and social emotional learning opportunities during CDL

FLEX Online School

  • FLEX Online School is a Beaverton K-12 online Option School.

  • The K-5 curriculum is from Florida Virtual and will include district adopted and teacher curated materials when appropriate.

  • If you choose FLEX Online School, you are unenrolling from Springville and will no longer be connected to Springville teachers and classmates

  • FLEX Online School is an option for those who would have chosen an online school prior to COVID.

  • FLEX Online School is asking families to commit at least through the end of the first semester (mid January 2021). If you are planning on returning to Springville when conditions allow, it is better to choose CDL and stay with Springville

  • To be successful in FLEX, support from a learning coach (parent/guardian/relative) is key.

  • Families should expect to spend 4-6 hours dedicated to school each day. This includes both online and offline activities.

  • FLEX Online School will not support Dual Immersion, SUMMA, Rachel Carson, IB or other MS & HS Options (ISB, ACMA, etc.) programs

I know there is a great deal to think about right now as you make the best choice for your student(s) next year. We are happy to talk with you anytime and are also offering two opportunities to meet with us to talk through your questions. Please see the invitation below to our Principal Chat on Thursday evening. We are thinking about all of our students and families and missing you very much.

Robin & Ellen

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FLEX vs. CDL at Springville

Have lingering questions about which option to choose for your students this fall? With the new announcement from the district, we wanted to provide an opportunity for you to get your questions about Return to School answered. Bring your questions and join us to talk about what school will be like as we reopen and what options you have for your child. As always, you can feel free to email us with questions as well: or

Principal Chat on Zoom

Thursday, July 30th, 7pm

This is an online event.

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Comcast Free Internet

The Sponsored Internet Essentials program is a collaboration between the Beaverton School District and Comcast and provides 6 months of free internet access to qualifying families. Applications must be submitted by July 31.

Available to Beaverton School District families:

  • Who are eligible for Meal Benefits (participate in the Free and Reduced Lunch program) and

  • Who live where Comcast offers internet service and

  • Who have not subscribed to Comcast Internet Service in the last 90 days.

Steps to Apply:

  1. Fill out this form: Comcast Internet Essentials Request Form

  2. You will receive a promo code by email.

  3. Go to Internet Essentials from Comcast and click on "Apply Now (You can apply on a cell phone with wifi access)

  4. When you start the application, you must enter your address. The form will tell you if Comcast offers internet service where you live.

  5. You will enter the promo code from BSD and other information.

Items needed to apply for Comcast Internet:

  • The promo code sent to you from BSD

  • Either a SSN or another form of Identification (there are several options)

  • You can start the application, save what you've entered, then return later to complete it.

  • NEW: You do not need a letter from Nutrition Services to verify Meal Benefits Eligibility. The promo code will allow you to skip this step.

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