GMO foods are a health hazard.

what can we do to stop this neverending nightmare


What did our ancestors eat? I can surely tell you that it wasn't genetically modified food.Humans got by and even advanced to bigger and better things that have gotten humans to where we are right now. Why mess with mother nature and why can't these scientists leave well enough alone? thats not right to mess with nature. Also, creating Bio foods for the people and children who are starving and that are on the streets, well, that is a bunch nonsense! The reason why there are starving humans is because of the harsh economy. For example, the population is too big we will end up running out food for every one. We can cross that bridge when we get to it. If there are going to be genetically modified foods sold in the local supermarket then there should be labels on them. That is my opinion.

CONS OF gmos

Unintended harm to other organisms Last year a laboratory study was published in Nature21 showing that pollen from B.t. corn caused high mortality rates in monarch butterfly caterpillars. Monarch caterpillars consume milkweed plants, not corn, but the fear is that if pollen from B.t. corn is blown by the wind onto milkweed plants in neighboring fields, the caterpillars could eat the pollen and perish. Although the Nature study was not conducted under natural field conditions, the results seemed to support this viewpoint. Unfortunately, B.t. toxins kill many species of insect larvae indiscriminately; it is not possible to design a B.t. toxin that would only kill crop-damaging pests and remain harmless to all other insects. This study is being reexamined by the USDA, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other non-government research groups, and preliminary data from new studies suggests that the original study may have been flawed22, 23. This topic is the subject of acrimonious debate, and both sides of the argument are defending their data vigorously. Currently, there is no agreement about the results of these studies, and the potential risk of harm to non-target organisms will need to be evaluated further

stopping gmos

There is one solution we have to not buy anything from markets but instead grow our own crops.


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