Lincoln Agenda

November 10-14, 2014

What's Happening....

Monday, 11/10

8:05 School Improvement Meeting

Remind classes to wear assigned color for Tuesday.

Tuesday, 11/11

8:05 Balanced Literacy: Intermediate Writing

9:00 Leading Leopard Celebration in the Library-Please send students.

1:30 Veterans Day Program

6:00 School Board Meeting- Three Lincoln students will be recognized as finalists for the Lake County Substance Abuse Prevention Poster Contest - Elle Mowry, Cydney Drousias, and Breanne McDonough

Wednesday, 11/12

8:05 No Morning Meetings

8:30-3:30 District Level Assessment Design Team Meeting - Melissa attends

3:30 PTO Meeting

Thursday, 11/13

8:05 RTI Meeting

Afternoon Acuity Training - Melissa attends @ Hanover HS

Friday, 11/14

8:05 Grade Level Teams Meet

TEACHERS-Be sure to write classroom events on the dry erase calendars in the office.

Discipline Referrals

If you send a student to the office, please fill out a discipline referral to send with him or her. This is needed when talking with students and allows us to track referrals.

Math PD - Change of Date!

Grades 3-5 teachers as well as High Ability will have the opportunity to watch lessons at their grade levels and debrief about the lessons they watch on Monday, November 17 in the morning at Lincoln. Rotating subs will be used for this.

I am still waiting for a confirmation for this date. Since we are using rotating subs, you will not need to request a substitute.

Technology Help Desk

If you have a technology issue, you should request help by using the following address:

This allows John and Steve to determine who will be taking care of each request, log repeated tech issues, and keep track of what has and has not yet been addressed. Please do not call them or email them directly.

Building Issues

If something in your room needs to be repaired, or if there is a building issue, you should email Sam and cc me. If it is an issue that needs to go to Steve Goff, you may send it to Steve and cc me. This includes temperature issues.

Field Trips

All field trips must return back to school by 2:15 in order to take our students home. Keep this in mind when planning your trips. Thank you!