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December 16, 2014

Hello First Grade Families! It seems as though Thanksgiving break was just here and now Winter break is right around the corner! Here's what we've been up to this week...

Language Arts

Literature: We have been reading lots of holiday books, mapping story elements, and comparing and contrasting different story versions.

Reading - Students have been reading from their leveled books to help them grow as readers. I'm noticing students continue to use strategies such as using picture clues, finding word chunks, and flipping vowel sounds to decode hard words. Students are also working on story comprehension through visualization and text connections.

Word Work/Phonics: No spelling words this week.

New sounds: /tion/ (sounds like "shun") and silent e or sneaky e as in "cake".

Writing - We have wrapped up our unit on Informational Writing and will begin Fact and Opionion when we come back from the break.


Students continue to problem solve math story problems. An example of a problem students solved this week is below. The first 2 number sets are first grade standards. The third is a challenge number set. Students solve the problem and show their thinking on the paper.

Big image



** PLEASE send a snack with your child each day. Thank you for the snack donations!!


Thursday, December 18th - Holiday Party 11:15 to 12:15

Friday, December 16th - Polar Express Day! Wear your jammies and drink hot chocoate. We will read the book and watch the movie - compare and contrast and write a movie review.