Arthur's Teacher Moves In

By Marc Brown

Arthur's Teacher Moves In

Was a Friday Afternoon

Snow Collapsed on Arthur's Teacher Roof

Mr.Ratburn has nowhere to stay

Arthur Mom's invites Mr. Ratburn to Stay at their house

Arthur couldn't Believe It!!

Arthur told his Best Friend Buster the news

Buster told Arthur "School is school and home is at home"

Arthur Parents were upset to how Arthur reacted

When Mr. Ratburn came to Arthur's house he was nervous

Everyone was getting alone with Mr.Ratburn staying at the house

Students where starting to make fun of Arthur because Mr.Ratburn stayed at his house

Eventually Mr. Ratburn moved out, because he wanted to stay closer to his house so he can supervise the work being down at his house. So Mr. Ratburn moved in with another student from the class!!