Gay Rights/ Marriage

By: Paula Moon

Many men and women thought that same-sex marriage was wrong, however some fight for equality for same-sex marriage. Are you against same-sex marriage, or do you support it?

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· Homosexual: two people who are sexually attracted to the people of the same sex

· Bisexual: attracted to both sexes (male and female)

· Trans-gendered: identity not the same or match the gender of them at birth

Being Gay was wrong!

  • Back then,People didn’t like how the Homophile was defending
  • More people joined the group and did more activist approaches , used political strategies used today, and new organization
  • people that oppose said that marriage should be between one man and one woman
  • police officers would search for gay men and use harsh tactics
  • harassment, not treated equally
  • people that opposed said it was morally wrong because of their religion, moral, and cultural beliefs

The Fight for Same-Sex Marriage

  • 1970: the fight for marriage equality
  • many men and women "came out" and began showing their identity
  • groups: lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Tans and intersex Association, and the Human Rights Campaign
  • people encouraged gay individuals declare sexual orientation
  • Protect rights and obtain equality to people who are homosexual
  • Gays protested to marry
  • First national gay rights march is in Washington DC Oct.15 1797
  • eliminate laws that oppose same sex marriage


  • 1996: Passed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)
  • 2012: Two federal courts ruled that DOMA was unconstitutional
  • June 26,2016: Same sex could legally wed in every US state
  • President Barrack Obama supported gay and lesbian rights

"How did the participants demonstrate their belief system through their protest?"

Participants demonstrate their belief system though their protest because they believe that gays should have equality, and should be treated fairly even when two of the same sex marry each other. They show their beliefs by encouraging gay individuals to "come out" and show their true identity.
Support Gay Marriage! Equal Rights!