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Letter From Ms. L

Welcome to the first issue of the 6th Grade Newspaper. We’ve, unintentionally, created a weather-themed issue for your enjoyment and we do hope you enjoy it. So, you may not be able to build a snowman, (thanks, El Nino), but you can get cozy in an unseasonably warm room somewhere and try solving one of Arya’s riddles and be grateful you're not in India right now--according to Sai, the weather there is no where near as nice as here.

Happy Reading,

Ms. L

Creative Corner with Aaron Ladinsky

"Winter Time" by Aaron Ladinsky

Note from the author: I wrote this parody to the tune of "Jingle Bells". It is not related to any religion so everyone can enjoy it without feeling left out. I hope you enjoy the music!

Stomping through the snow, on a really snowy day.

Zing, the snow balls go, zooming far away.

The snow is falling fast, the mounds are piled high.

Oh what fun it is to have winter here tonight!


Winter time, winter time, winter all the day!

Oh what fun it is to have winter here all night (2 times)

For days upon a time, it snowed down really hard.

And when the sky was bright, we had a snowball fight.

We piled snow in mounds, and made them really round.

But then we saw the snowman wasn’t capped or crowned.


Winter time, winter time, winter all the day.

Oh what fun it is to have winter tonight. (2 times)

While I was sledding down, the mountains snowy slide.

I hit a tree, and it hurt-- why oh why why why! I

scooted to the side, to get out of the way.

I just wished that, I didn’t go, skiing on that day.


Winter time, winter time, winter all the day!

Oh what fun it is to have winter here tonight Ohh, (2 times)

(Say slowly)

Win, ter, time. Win, ter, time.

Ohhhh whaaat fuuun it is to haaaaaaaavvvvvve, Winter lit up


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I'm Puzzled with Arya Baskaran, Akash Kura, and Jack Granahan

Riddles by Arya Baskaran

1. What can travel around the world while staying in a corner?

2. Take off my skin, I won’t cry but you will. What am I?

3. What is always coming, but never arrives?

4. Two girls were born to the same mother, on the same day, at the same time, in the same month and year and yet they're not twins. How can this be?

"Mystery Teacher" by Akash Kura

  • Has worked at LIS for 5 years

  • Most of the school knows her, but Mrs. Casieri knows her best

  • Teaches as a swim coach for Lawrence Lightning, also was a competitive swimmer in high school

  • Loves coffee

  • Very good with a sewing machine, you may have seen her wear something she's made

  • She will be leaving LIS after the New Year

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December 2015 LIS Crossword - Happy First! by Jack Granahan

Writer's Note: Hi! I am Jack, and I will be the crossword writer for the LIS Newspaper. I would like to welcome you to the LIS Newspaper Crossword. Have fun!

Click the Link to access the puzzle: https://drive.google.com/a/ltps.info/file/d/0BzbGTli1-BlDZ3VaTFJnZmNvV00/view?usp=sharing

World and Local News with Sai Cheetha Rajesh and Kush Anandpara

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RAINING CATS AND DOGS (BUT NOT FOOD) by Saisushanth Cheetha Rajesh

Major rain in India, caused by typhoon Chennai, has lead to flooding. The Indian government is not helping either as helicopters will only give food to whoever has a terrace! People who have lost their homes due to flooding can not get food. Pipes are broken and everything is falling apart. How can the government expect citizens to work and survive this way? 12,000 people have died already and millions more have lost their homes. On the other hand, some actors have given money to the poor people. In total, the actors have given enough money to total a few billion in American dollars.

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IS THIS REALLY WINTER? by Kush Anandpara

Records are being broken all over the Northeast for the warmest temperatures during late Fall/Winter we have seen in years. Many people are asking: is this really winter? Everyone is seeing a very strong effects from El Nino here in the Northeast and across the country. An El Nino is a strange weather occurrence that happens in regions by the Pacific Ocean during Winter, (usually in December). This makes the temperature much hotter than the average for this time of year. Therefore, Christmas has a good chance of not being a white one. Many are upset at this occurrence, but some are glad for a longer Fall season. Though snow may not come by Christmas, it is very likely that it will come later this Winter.

The Arts with Kate Sanjek

Book Reviews: "The BFG" by Kate Sanjek

In 1982, the first copy of "The BFG" was released. "The BFG" won the Federal of Children’s Book Groups Award in 1982. This book is a very fun, action-packed book that was also made into a movie in 1989. So, you can understand the book better by watching the movie. "The BFG" is about a little girl named Sophie who is sleeping in an orphanage one night and, all of a sudden, the BFG blows a dream into her head. He is a friendly giant and he wants kids to have good dreams. When Sophie wakes up, the BFG takes her to his cave in Giants' Country. He lives there among lots of human-eating giants. The BFG takes Sophie places she’s never been to before. But, he has to be quiet or the human-eating giants will eat her.

Tech Tips with Nith Sanabria

Key Tricks for Chrome by Nith Sanabria

Shift+Alt+I = Report Issue

Ctrl+Shift+L =Lock Screen

Ctrl+Shift+Switch window = Screenshot

Search+_- = Fullscreen

ctrl+shift+reload = rotate screen

Answers for Arya's Riddles:

  1. A stamp

  2. An onion

  3. Tomorrow

  4. The two girls are are part of triplets

From the Editor

Hi there! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading our first issue. We poured our munchkin-fed sweat and tears into making this as fun and informative as we could. If you’re a 6th grader interested in joining the newspaper team, we’d love to have you. Thanks again for reading and have a safe and happy winter break!

Newspaper Staff

Akash Kura, Noah Lehrfeld, Catie Lillja

Aaron Ladinsky, Tommy Sutter, Nith Sanabria

Arya Baskaran, Garrett Durso-Findley, C.J. Caponi

Sai Cheetha Rajesh, Kate Sanjek, Arnav Aggarwal,

Kush Anandpara