Roberto Cruz Leadership Academy

November 5, 2020- Vol. 15

November- Mental Health Awareness Month

Hola Jaguar Families!

Our 1st week in November is off to a busy start. We have started our Mental Health Awareness Month with the necessary focus on having a healthy mind. We are drawing attention and emphasizing the impact of positive thinking, quiet time, and unplugging from social media.

For next week, we are attempting to draw attention to the significance of having a healthy body. In our classrooms, we will be highlighting the important qualities of daily exercise, proper diet, and adequate rest. We are hoping that every Jaguar can incorporate these habits on a daily basis that can lead to having academic success in the classroom and personal success in their lives. Parents, please join us this month in this important endeavor.

Parents- We have just started Grading Period 3 which is the final grading period of the 1st semester. It is critical for you to reach out to our Jaguar front office if would like to set up a parent-student conference as we are finishing the semester. Please reach out to or

Principal Palomo





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*Mental Health Awarenesss Month*

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** Message from Ms. Contreras**

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**RCLA School Site Council (SSC) Meeting Information **

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Counselor Corner

In the month of November, we will be reviewing students 4 year plans.

If your student still hasn't booked a meeting with me to review your graduation/A-G requirements progress please do so as soon as possible. These meetings are very important because it gives us the opportunity to review your academic status.

It has been a pleasure to work and get to know your student throughout these weeks! Presentations have been very successful and I have been able to share important information with all of you!

As we are approaching the end of grading period 2, please make sure your student is keeping up with all assignments and reaching out their teachers for questions. The grading period ends on October 30th!

If you would like to get access to Power point presentations, please visit my website at

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Ms. Alanis is available virtually to assist and provide school counseling services. You can get in touch with Ms. Alanis using the following:

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Hello Senior Students and Parents,

FAFSA/DREAM Act Application Support

o Monday, November 16

o 4:30-6:30

o Zoom Link will be sent soon!

o All students who have NOT completed their financial aid application by Nov 16 are REQUIRED to attend.

· Change in After School Workshop Times

o Mon & Thur from 2:15-3 pm.

o Please book an individual appointment with me for support on your apps.


· Community College Workshop

o We will have a Community College Application Workshop in December.

o Stay tuned for more details.

· CSU/UC Apps: Internal Deadline Nov 20

o Please make sure to attend workshops and reach out for support on your apps!

o We need to submit them before Thanksgiving break!

*Seniors Important Information*

Hello Seniors,

We'd like to assist you properly with your UC applications! Please complete THIS google form to provide an update on your application progress!

Use the calendly links in the survey if you'd like to have a one on one check-in to get help on your applications! Remember that there are also workshops every Monday and Thursday from 2:15-4:15! Please take advantage of these resources!

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**Message from Mr. Oronia**

All Juniors, please complete the College & Career Interest Survey. We’d love to see your input and understand what your current plans are after high school graduation.

Family Meals on Tuesday's!

Hello RCLA Families,

THIS Tuesday, please stop by between 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm. You may come by the school and receive 5 meals per family. We encourage our families to take advantage of this opportunity! For more information, you may contact Mrs. Gonzalez at 408-471-4680 ext. 4002.

**Senior Appreciation Week**

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Hey RCLA Jaguars!

Take a moment and review our 20-21 Parent/ Student handbook for more important school information.

**RCLA Self Care Corner**

Hello Jaguars! Please take a moment to watch this video and read some positive quotes. It is extremely important that you take personal time for self-care in your journey to becoming a successful student. We will post articles and new videos every week. Please make sure to connect with our Director of Student Services, Dr. Fong if you would like to share some concerns you may have or just to talk. You can reach her at


List of Self-Care tips: