Mystical Moscow


Moscow is the capital city of Russia. It has some of the most amazing architecture in the world, great culture and history. So if you are looking for a great vacation Moscow is the place to go.


Moscow and Russia on a whole has some of the most beautiful architecture in the world some places of desire are Moscow Kremlin and St. basil’s cathedral and The Red Square St. basil’s is a orthodox church and The Red square is a market space and city square All of these location are wonderful and spectacular places to visit.


The Soviet Union played a key point in World War 2.

It was invaded by the Germans in 1941 but the German army was not ready for the Russian winter there was still fighting. The fighting was called the battle of Moscow and

lasted one year from October 1941 to January 1942. Moscow became the capital in 1918 following the Russian Revolution. Some great places to experience the history of Russia is the state history museum it is located in The Red Square as one of the main buildings.


Russia has a diverse culture with many different religions and folklore One famous story from the Soviet Union is Baba Yaga, Baba Yaga is a supernatural being who appears as a deformed ferocious looking woman who flies around in a mortar wielding a pestle she dwells deep in the forest and lives in a house that walks on chicken legs.


This is why you should travel to Moscow the best city in the world. With one trip to Moscow you will be in love with the amazing buildings that will surround your trip and the history and culture that you will explore.