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An opportunity to share some key thoughts for HT3


I hope you all had a wonderful break with friends and family. It is always a shock to the system coming back after a holiday but I am confident that 2014 is going to be another great year for the CPA College. If, at the centre of our intentions, we hold on tightly to our core values of developing the best young people we can through our wonderful subjects, then we will continue to be incredibly successful.


As you are aware, we have got our first College QAR during the week beginning 27th January. We will dedicate some meeting time to this next week to discuss in more detail. This will no doubt cause some anxiety, but I am confident that this will be a great opportunity to showcase what we do. More info to follow........!

CPA Parents Evening - Wednesday 8th January

Another first - the first ever Key Stage 3 CPA Parents Evening happening on Wednesday 8th January. This is a great opportunity to actually meet with the parents of the students that you teach! A major feature of these conversations will be about PLTS development. We will meet as a College in C02 on Wednesday at 15:30 for a quick chat through arrangements/expectations. An updated list of attendees can be found here: Staffshare/CPA/Copy of CPA Parents Eve 8th Jan 2013.


As always, the focus of our KS3 schemes and lessons should be the development of the PLTS. I know that the booklets aren't perfect and actually provide some additional challenges for us but I am adamant that this personal development focus is the right direction to be taking with our students. Please continue with your development work on these - what I have seen so far this academic year has been fantastic!

Agenda Items

This half term (as well as all the other stuff!!) I am going to work on the following:

1. Progress Book - although I am really proud of these as a concept, I don't think that practically they are as good as they could be yet. This half term, I will be looking for colleagues to work with me on generating ideas to develop these further for September 2014.
2. CPA Festival - I will be starting to make some plans for how we can make this years events bigger and better. Again, I will be asking colleagues to work with me in developing this work.

Key Dates

w/b 6th January 2014: Year 11 PPE's
Wednesday 8th January 2014: Key Stage 3 CPA Parents Evening, 17:00 - 20:00
Friday 17th January - Friday 24th January 2014: Year 11 PPE Data Entry
w/b 20th January 2014: Key Stage 5 PPE's
w/b 27th January 2014: CPA QAR
Monday 27th January - Monday 3rd January 2014: Key Stage 5 PPE Data Entry
w/b 3rd February 2014: Year 7, Year 9 and Year 10 Data Entry
Wednesday 5th February 2014: Year 11 Parents Evening
w/b 10th February 2014: School Production week

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