3rd Grade Newsletter

November 16 - November 20

Yearbooks are on sale!

You can order your yearbook 24/7 at www.ybpay.lifetouch.com using the yearbook ID code 12599716. Take advantage of our “early bird” price of just $21 from now thru November 30th. Please know the price will increase after November 30th.


We do not have school the week of November 23 - 27! We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday!

Cultural Celebrations Event - December 14-15

As the holidays are quickly approaching, third grade would like to use this time as an opportunity to showcase and celebrate various cultures. We will transform each classroom into a cultural destination. The learners will be able to choose two different locations to visit and immerse themselves in that culture. The destinations will include:

3A- Phillippines

3B- South Korea

3C- India

3D- Brazil

3E- Finland

If you or a family member are familiar with any cultures associated with these countries, we would love your expertise! Please email your learner's teacher if you have any knowledge regarding the following areas:

  • recipes
  • celebrations
  • traditions
  • heroes
  • leaders

Thank you for any information you can provide. We are looking forward to this fun and interactive way to learn about various cultures around the world.

Multiplication Apps

As we continue our multiplication unit, we have compiled a list of helpful apps to help learners practice their skills:

Sushi Monster

Math Cards Flash Flashcards

Thinking Blocks: Multiplication

Lumio Farm Factor

3rd grade Splash Math Kids

Multiplication for kids

Math Champions

Math Showdown: Multiplication

What are we learning this week?

Writing and Grammar:

  • poetry


  • visualizing


  • prefixes un-, re-, dis-, and mis-

Social Studies (we will alternate weeks):

  • cultures around the world


  • commutative property of multiplication
  • multiplication strategies
  • testing on 2's and 4's facts

November Birthdays


Lauren L. - November 6th

Julia D. - November 10th

Rozhan S. - November 22nd


Ansh S. - November 5th

Rohan Y. - November 21st


Nidhi S. - November 8th

Anaya A. - November 20th

3D- None

3E- None

Save the date

Walk to School Wednesday: November 18

Turkey Drive: November 20

Thanksgiving Break: November 23 - November 27

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