Voting Rights

Kayla Bledsoe

Voting rights

  • JFK thought non-violence demonstrations provoked violence
  • JFK told African Americans to focus on the right to vote
  • In 1962 CORE and SNCC founded the Voter Education
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Freedom Summer

  • It registered African Americans to vote
  • They paid sixty more dollars for whites
  • Goal was to educate African Americans on voting rights
  • 3 young men were found dead in Philadelphia
  • It was a successful summer

Political Organizing

  • Over shadowed the freedom summer
  • Presidential Election-LBJ vs. Berry Goldwater
  • The MFDP elected 68 delegates to the democratic national convention in August 1964
  • And MFDP leader presented her group's case
  • 2 representative and 2 delegates to vote

Voting Rights Act

  • 600 African Americans began a 54 mile march
  • The police set up a blockade and beat the people marching
  • Passed in Congress by large majority
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