By: Chris Van Allsburg Report by Bizzy Thames

Jumanji is about two kids finding a mysterious board game. they decide to take it home and play it. it turns out that the game just happens to be magical and wrecks their house. if you land on something that says, "caught in rhino stampede, skip a turn." a bunch of rhinos come barging through your house. Finally they complete the game and everything goes back to normal.

Jumanji (7/8) Movie CLIP - Earthquake (1995) HD
This book won the Caldecott in 1982. it became a movie in 1995. Chris Van Allsburg wrote a very interesting book. It caught many readers attention including mine!!

He wrote and drew Jumaji because he thought "what if two children got bored and found a mysterious board game?" he also wanted to entertain the young reader and give them a good read.

Did you know that Chris Van Allsburg won two Caldecott Awards? he was born June 18 1946 and has made 3 movies. he wrote Zathura in 2002 and Two Bad Ants in 1988. his first book was The Garden Of Abdul Gasazi. He liked to sculpt statues before he wrote books

His book won the Caldecott because it is a good book and it is appropriate for all ages. it also has great illustrations and a good outline.