Counselor's Corner

from West Madison Elementary School

Welcome to the West Madison School Counseling Newsletter

I want to keep you all informed on the happenings of our school counseling program with Counselor's Corner newsletter. We have some exciting lessons and learning opportunities this month!

In the month of August we focused on RESPECT. Students learned great ways to get along and create a positive school environment. We read a book by Carol McCloud "Have You Filled A Bucket Today?" and practiced "filling buckets" with students and teachers. This is always a fun and positive way to start the year!

How Full is Your Bucket?

Character Focus

Character Focus for September: RESPONSIBILITY

Each month we have a school-wide character focus. This is shared with students in Monday morning assemblies, counseling classes, and in the classroom. Students are not only encourage to learn about character traits, but put them into practice! This month we are focusing on responsible choices at school and at home.
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Other News: Coffee with the Counselor

This year I am offering Coffee with the Counselor for parents. I get to see your sweet kids at school everyday, but I'd love to have time with you as well. Meetings will be scheduled several times a semester with important topics for us to address. The first Coffee with the Counselor gave an overview of our counseling program. Click the link below to see the power point.

Thanks to all who came out! Stay tuned for the next date and topic!

Here are some the topics that parents have expressed high interest in for future sessions:

- Getting a Jump on Social Media

- Building Self-Esteem and Boosting Confidence of Children

- Developing Test Taking Skills and Helpful Resources

- Creating Growth Mindset Learners

- Bullying and What you Need to Know