Thomas Jefferson

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About Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was a cabinet member for George Washington, and he created the democratic-republican party. He strongly believes that the states should have more power, so that they can not be ruled by the federal government. He also believes that each state should have its own bank, instead of a colossal federal bank. As you can see Thomas Jefferson values states' rights.
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Opposing candidate, John Adams

Federalist John Adams, our previous president has shown our country exactly what a president should not be! He has committed borderline unconstitutional acts that have left people aghast! This act slowed the immigration process by ten fold, so immigrants would not make it legally into the country. He did this because it was most likely that the immigrants would vote against him; what a selfish man! This act also banned any harmful or negatives things to be said or even written about Adams and his office.
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why you should vote for Thomas Jefferson

You should vote for Thomas Jefferson because he will defend us, the common people from people like John Adams, "the blasted tyrant of America". He will ensure that our states get the rights they deserve from the federal government. He will lay waste to the unconstitutional alien and sedition acts; and most of all he will give us the honest, humble president we have been waiting for.
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