Walk Two Moons

By Sharon Creech


Salamanca hiddle and her father move out of their bybanks kentucky house and move to lewiston ohio after a tragic accident. Sal meets pheobe on her long exiting journey of love,exitement,and betrayal. on sals long journey to find her mother she tells of a lunatic and a kiddnapped mother. And a story of a red headed nurse called mrs.cadaver and a blackberry kiss.

Thesis sentence for foreshadowing

Characters in walk two moons by sharon creech misjudge 3 characters because they fail to "walk two moons in their moccasins these misjudgements;" are later proven wrong

Mrs.winterbottom's son

When sal and pheobe first meet mike bickle he shows up knocking on their door and said "is Mrs.winterbottom is home i want to talk to her"pg43. Pheobe gets paranoid because she is not supposed to open doors to strangers so she tells the stranger she is not here and he walks away. Later when sal and pheobe get his address and name they start to figure out who this guy is.When sal and pheobe go to consult this man they walk up to his apartment building and "there sitting on the bench was pheobe's mother kissing the lunatic"pg235.When pheobe got home and here mother announced that she was coming home she was assuming that she was going to ask for a devorce and leave pheobe's dad for the lunatic. When pheobe's mom got home she bring the lunatic with her and she announced that he was her son and that she was afraid to tell her husband because she thought he was going to be mad.

Sals mom died in a bus accident

during sals sad journey there are clues on the way to show that sals mom died in a bus accident. when sal was leaving her home town in bybanks "that night she got a note saying that she was not coming back"pg3.Later when pheobe dident belive that she wasnt coming back so she wanted to drive down to lewiston idaho to celebrate her moms birthday. A little bit later on they journey to see their mom there is one big clue that sal said "Gram and Gramps wanted to see moma who was resting peacefully in lewastin"pg55. After gram gets hospitalized gramps tells sal she can drive herself to see her mom in lewastin. On the way because of all the twists and turns sal stops at a resting are where the bus went off the road. Suddenly a guy walks up behind her and told her "did you know a bus went of the railing a year or more ago"pg262 then told her that"only one person made it out alive"pg263. Once sal got back the police cuffed her and drove her down to see her mother who was resting peacefully under a willow tree and thats when sal finally realized her mom was dead.

Grams death

during sals journey to her mom gram gets bitten by a venomous snake that makes her voice raspy.When gramps was on his way to Lewiston gramps "was worried about gram but less about her leg than her raspy breath"pg142. Once they got to old faithful gram had a very important clue that she was going to die she said "lets go see old faithful iv'e waited my whole life to see old faithfull'pg223.This obviously stated that once she saw old faithful her life was complete and she could rest in peace knowing she has seen old faithful.


though foreshadowing Sal unfolds all the mysteries in her life though the clues that the book gives away during her journey to se her mother. The clues that give away mike bickle as being mrs winter bottoms son make the story more exiting.And the clues that give a way grams health and how she has waited her whole life to see old faith full and now she can rest knowing she saw old faith full.With the mysteries on how sals mom died in the bus accident and the creepy man who gives the the answer away. But the reader doesn't get all the clues so the reader can make predictions.