by Destiny Yoakum

Traditional clothing in Slovakia

Traditional clothing in Slovakia is very different than what we see in the United States.In the united states you see modern clothing like Under armor,Nike,Vera Bradley,Coach,UGGS,and Ralph lauren.Look at the picture then look at your neighbors clothes. do they look anything like the pictures clothes? Most people in Slovakia where clohes like this everyday. Some only wear these clothing on traditional holidays.
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National land marks

National land marks include Blue Church and Bratislava Castle. both are very important to the country. The Bratislava Castle is the most famous landmark in Slovakia. The Bratislava Castle was built on a hill top that overlooks most of the country. most tourist enjoy walking around the castle. This castle was built in the 9th century,but it was restored in 1956-1964. Second is the Blue church. The Blue church was built in the early 1900's. The church is also known as St. Elizabeth's church. It is located in the center of town's capital.

Type of Goverment

The type of goverment that Slovakia has is a Republic. The president of Slovakia is Andrej Kiska. The prime minister is Robert Fico. Slovakia came a republic on January 1st. Slovakia was owned by the czechs.

Slovakia's food

Slovakia's food is kinda what we eat in the United States. They eat potatoes,wheat flour,and sheep cheese. The only thing we don't eat is wheat flour I don't know about you but I sure don't!!!

Slovakia's culture

Slovakia's culture is very different than what we see in the United States. Like for instance they pour water on each other on Easter. On Christmas they put fishes in there bathtub. On there wedding day they have it at a special place. So the traditions aren't that different after all I guess............. The language they speak is hungranizim also the religon is roman catholic. See were not that different........................

Save the date SIKE!!!!!!

On August 21, about 400 years ago there was a queen that took young virgin girls blood to maintain her beautiful looking skin. Nobody really celebrates this holiday, most are actually scared of the holiday. Are you? She was alive ..... Until she did suicide


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