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Positivity Project at York Elementary

The basic jist of the Positivity Project is that Other People Matter!

To sum up positive psychology in just three words – Other People Matter...PERIOD. Anything that builds relationships between and among people is going to make you happy.

As a school, we officially kicked off #OtherPeopleMatter by learning about what that means. This year all students will learn about each of the 24 character strengths that exist in each of us. Some are more strong than others. To see what your top/bottom character strengths are click here to take the free survey. Share your strengths with your child. Ask them what they feel their character strengths are based on what we have learned so far this year (see list below).

Think about ways to incorporate this at home and share it with us through Twitter or Facebook...#OtherFamilyMembersMatter!

Week of September 11-15 = Other People Matter

Week of September 18-22 = Curiosity

Week of September 25-29 = Open Mindedness

Week(s) of October 2-13 = Perspective

Week of October 16-20 = Teamwork/Citizenship

Week of October 23-27 = Creativity

Week of October 30-November 9 = Bravery

Week of November 12-25 = Gratitude (one of my top character strengths)

Week of November 27 - December 1 = Humility/Modesty

Week of December 3-9 = Kindness

Week(s) of December 10-23 = Self-Control

Week(s) of January 1-13 = Perseverance

Week(s) of January 14-27 = Hope/Optimism

Week of January 29 - February 2 = Prudence

Week of February 5-9 = Fairness

Week of February 11-17 = Love

Week of February 18-24 = Wild Card Week (make up any missed traits so far)

Week of February 25 - March 3 = Social Intelligence

Week of March 4-10 = Social Intelligence con't

Week of March 11-17 = Zest/Enthusiasm

Week of March 18-24 = Forgiveness

Week of March 25-31 = Humor

Week of April 1-7 = Spring Break/Wild Card Week (make up any missed traits so far)

Week of April 8-14 = Integrity

Week of April 16-20 = Love of Learning

Week of April 23-17 = Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence

Week of April 30-May 4 = Connection & Purpose

Week of May 7-11 = Leadership (Final week of learning for this year)

Week of May 14-18 = Other People Matter - wrapping up our first year of the P2 Project

***To learn more, please visit the Positivity Project Website.

End of Grade (EOG) testing calendar - students in grades 3-5

It's never too late to mark your calendar with these important end of grade (EOG) testing dates! Here is the current plan for EOG testing. Testing typically occurs the last 10 days of school and reflects inclement weather calendar changes. Testing sessions start at 9:30 am each morning of testing. Please be sure your child is on time and in class by 9:15 am.

**We are still looking for volunteers to help with EOG proctoring. If you are able to help out, please email or leave a message for Mr. Huber (AP).

  • Tuesday, 5/29 - Reading EOG Test (All students in grades 3-5)
  • Wednesday, 5/30 - Math EOG Test (All students in grades 3-5)
  • Thursday, 5/31 - Science EOG Test - only 5th grade students (3rd grade make-ups as well for any students who missed the test)
  • Monday, 6/4 - Grade 3 Read to Achieve Test for select students - parents will be notified if their child has to test (4th & 5th grade make-ups as well for any students who missed the test)
  • Tuesday, 6/5 and Wednesday, 6/6 - 3rd grade Read to Achieve make-ups, 4th, & 5th grade make-ups (for students who missed the tests)


Our Weather Bug System has officially been installed and our weather data is streaming live! Check out the Weather Bug app to take a look at the weather at York!

To access our weather data go to:


Look for J.W. York's Unit

We are one of the few public elementary schools that has this exciting weather technology. Ms. O, our STEM coach, will begin training our teachers over the new few weeks and classes have access to data now. This system will enhance our students curriculum in math, reading and STEM related projects. Exciting activities that showcase the Weather Bug will happen during e-week, as well as at our annual STEM Expo.

Start playing around on the WeatherBug App today: (It's FREE!)

Make YORK your pin! Download the WeatherSTEM app.



Member Hub

Have you joined our PTA yet? Please think about becoming a member!

We are striving for 100% participation and are currently under 50%.

Member Hub is a brand new communication tool that has been made available to all North Carolina PTA's this year. Member Hub is great because it provides ONE place for all organization communication to take place. At York, our goal is use Member Hub to announce various events, volunteer/donation opportunities, and simplify classroom communication between parents/teachers. Please consider joining Member Hub today, check out our calendar for a glimpse of what to expect this year and find ways you can support York, such as linking your Harris Teeter VIC card or joining the PTA. And keep in mind that this is a new technology, thank you for being patient with us as we work out the kinks.

Plan to visit Member Hub frequently to stay in the loop about all of the wonderful happenings at York Elementary!


Monthly YES Events - Save the date!

  • NEW! May 16 = Teacher Workday - No school for students
  • May 17 = PTA Executive Board Meeting @ 12:00 pm - Cottage 4
  • May 18 = Pre-K Family/School Partnership Day
  • May 19 = WCPSS Job Fair
  • May 28 = Memorial Day Holiday - No school
  • May 29-31 = Grades 3-5 EOG Testing
  • June 1 = PTA Executive Board Meeting/General Assembly Meeting @ 4:00 pm - Playground
  • June 8 = 5th grade celebration @ 10:00 am - Gym
  • June 8 = Last day of school for students
  • June 8 = Report cards go home
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