8L - Sharing Positive Strategies

Cranebrook High School Learning Assistance

Term 1 Focus - Transition and Listening

During this time we will have the opportunity to share the successes with our colleagues and try to define a consistent behaviour management strategy as well as a specific routine for the class. I will be offering some resources that support all learning areas to do so.

Please also bring along programs / worksheets / strategies to share with your colleagues.

8L - Sharing Strategies

Monday, March 18th 2013 at 2:45-3:15pm

Room 3 (Near Learning Assistance Staffroom)

Afternoon Tea provided


  • Introduction
  • Distribution of Class Profile and Class Plan.
  • Discuss online space to share ideas.
  • Discussion regarding successful strategies for individual students
  • Discussion regarding individual strategies for the whole class
  • Consistent routine/behaviour management strategy.
  • Discuss LAST involvement (resources / team teaching / PD / Teacher observations)
  • Organise another meeting time to evaluate strategies and update class plan.